ShowerMan Mission Statement

ShowerMan Enterprises presents The Adventures of ShowerMan, a brand which represents "all that's good in the world"—from honesty and integrity to health and hygiene. The launch of The Adventures of ShowerMan is fueled by our main character, ShowerMan. His greatness is portrayed through his selfless acts of livelihood, education, and enlightenment. At ShowerMan Enterprises, it is essential that we provide them with positive ideals. Our values lie behind the essence of bettering yourself and the community by taking Proper measure of hygiene and overall respect to others.

The ShowerMan Character

ShowerMan is unique in the landscape of superheros. If you take look at modern-day superheroes, they fight crime with violence and anger. Instead, ShowerMan fights dirt and grime with reason and determination. Through this character, we look to emphasize the moral necessity for our children to be hygienic and clean. At some point in the future, the youth of our world will take the helm and lead us, so it is essential that our culture instill positive morals in them—the first of which should be cleanliness. ShowerMan is the right character to guide them along the way.

ShowerMan Character Breakdown

  • Gloves - hard work, willpower
  • Tool Belt - all that's necessary to succeed
  • Cape - all that's clean in the world
  • Boots - always be level-headed
  • Boxers - he's all heart
  • Muscles - toughness and durability
  • Posture - firmness and determination
  • Blue "S" - calmness, patience

The ShowerMan Values


ShowerMan represents the following values as a role model for children:

  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Health, Hygiene, and Cleanliness
  • Guidance
  • Nonviolence
  • Courtesy
  • Morals
  • Pure mind, body, and soul
  • Wholesome lifestyle