Introducing… The Adventures of ShowerMan

Have you heard of the latest superhero coming to life near you? His name is ShowerMan; he represents, “all that is good and clean in the world.” The ShowerMan character was created to promote an environment filled with enjoyment and fun, while being clean and healthy. The creators were inspired to produce a role model to encourage children to maintain great personal hygiene, show respect to their peers, as well as supporting anti-bullying efforts. The characters within the ‘The Adventures of ShowerMan’ storyline all withhold characteristics that promote healthy habits. With that being said, these spectacular characters with colorful personalities have the ability to become a household name when it comes to teaching your children that it is FUN to be healthy and its is FUN to be clean.

If you would like to meet and take pictures with the fun and loving characters, you can find us at Marlboro Day on September 10th in mascot form! Once again, check out the rest of our website to become educated about what ‘The Adventures of ShowerMan’ has to offer for both you and your family!

How Important Is Hygiene To You?

For many families, health and hygiene are top priorities. For others, it tends to come second to things like; arriving to school on time, being on time for work, and snuggling into bed by that 9:00 bed time. Studies show that the average person spends less than 10 seconds washing their hands each time they do so. Some believe its because the world is moving fast, and people tend to be busier on a daily basis, but the real causes of the hygiene issues are associated with the lack of knowledge about the correct practices. Consistent bedtime and school time hygiene practices for your kids help them become better students. By regularly using hand sanitizer and washing their hands, children are able to be physically present in school rather than being at home sick with a runny nose or the stomach flu. Do what’s best for both you and your family and become educated about healthy hygiene practices and lifestyles.

Meet the Mascots: ShowerMan, Icky and Sticky, and Dr. Dirt!

Our Characters…

Each member of the ShowerMan Entourage withholds a unique and relatable trait that sets him or her aside from the other characters. To maximize the personal interaction of the children and the characters, we decided to construct life sized mascots of certain characters that we felt made the biggest impact on the children.


The two characters that have seemingly impacted children the most are the characters “Icky and Sticky”. These characters represent two lost germs that are stuck together, unable to leave one others side. Sticky rests atop of Icky’s head but he tends to move around quite a bit. These combined characters do not realize they are germs, which results in lots of confusion, and allows them to be easily swayed.


The next two characters that have impacted the children the most are both ShowerMan and Dr. Dirt. Their two polar opposite personalities clash and


create a fun, creative and constructive environment to teach and promote positive behavior. These characters are so relatable that the kids can’t help but to see and hear more. Below are pictures of the “work-in-progress”, “pre-production”molds of the mascots. The ShowerMan and Dr. Dirt mascots are set for completion within the last week of August; just in time for our September 10th event at Marlboro Day.

ShowerMan is a character that represents “all that is good and clean in the world”, from health and hygiene to honesty and integrity.


He makes his trip to planet Earth after being called upon by Mother Nature. She noticed the menacing Dr. Dirt and his companions Master Mold, Icky and Sticky taking over their hometown of Skylar City. They were conjuring plans and methods to hypnotize all of the children of Skylar City to “eat dinner without washing their hands, and even cough without covering their mouths”. These unhygienic practices are unacceptable in the eyes of ShowerMan, but especially the parents of the children of Skylar City. The overall story line consists ShowerMan and his team attempting to stop Dr. Dirt and Master Mold from committing “world germination” while taking their apparent minions (Icky and Sticky) around for the ride.

Are You and Your Family Members Brushing Your Teeth Long Enough?

If you are a parent to young children, you most certainly want to be sure they are taking care of their teeth the way they should.

Oral hygiene is one of the most important aspects of personal hygiene. The best way to achieve high oral hygiene is by brushing properly. Brushing in the morning after a good healthy breakfast is very important, and just as equally important is brushing before bedtime. Throughout the day as our children are having their lunch and snacks, the food that they are eating is getting stuck in between their teeth creating a dirty mess that can cause build up. Not to mention harsh snacks and candy can create horrible cavities in their young precious pearly whites.

It has been said by many dentists that the acceptable duration for brushing your teeth is 2 to 3 minutes for a complete clean.

Now, we all know how difficult it can be at times to get our kids to brush for 2 minutes. Believe me as a mom of a 9-year-old and 5-year-old, when brushing before bedtime arrives they are most certainly not rushing to the bathroom anytime soon. It usually comes with a lot of whining, complaining and feet dragging.

But there are ways to solve this brushing battle:

Encourage your children to listen to a favorite song while they brush until the end of the song. (We recommend the Showerman theme song 😉)
Setting a timer in the bathroom and when the timer goes off they have completed their mission! These two great techniques are a fun and simple way to turn a healthy routine into a game that will make them smile and laugh. The trick is also to stay consistent with it.

A tip to changing it up a bit:

Create a chart for the month (get creative) have the kids help with decorating it, and adding their choice for a song on the days of the week.

Brush as a family. I find that brushing my teeth with my kids is fun and creates a good healthy impression on them. Good habits are passed down to our children from us and it’s our job to make sure we are steering them in the right direction. Give these quick tips a try for bedtime and you will notice a difference right away in their behavior. It’ll keep their minds off the daunting task of brushing and will look forward to the next time that bedtime routine rolls around. You know what they say, time flies when you’re having fun!

So, when it’s time for their dental checkup, you can be rest assured that they will getting a passing grade for their excellent smile and an even better healthy and clean mouth. Give yourself a pat on the back, you have successfully mastered the teeth brushing conundrum.

ShowerMan will also like to add that it is not how fast you brush, it’s how thorough you are. Being clean and healthy takes careful attention to detail, especially when it comes to a healthy mouth. Remember that ShowerMan is always here to help you in your mission to stay away from harmful germs and bacteria, (No matter what those two knuckleheads Icky and Sticky might say to change your mind.)

Slow and steady always wins the race against harmful Dirt and Grime. 😉

3 Ways to Get Your Kids Excited About Cleaning Up Their Room

3 Ways to Get Your Kids Excited About Cleaning Up Their Room

Keeping a Tidy and Clean Room is Important!

If you wake up one morning and walk downstairs to realize that your house has transformed into a Toy Museum, then you have officially contracted “Too Many Toys Syndrome”. Somehow, some way, the multitude of superhero action figures, and the new Batman Lego sets have made their way out from the toy bin and into your lovely undisturbed living room.

Oh, but the battle has just begun! We must invite Barbie and her pretty pink convertible to the party, but a girl like Barbie doesn’t travel light. She needs about ten outfits or so and shoes, five different hairbands, oh and let’s throw in a few tiny purses while we are at it.

So now that your living area has lost its luxurious, comfortable appeal and has been taking over by the notorious toy plague, it is time to take back what is yours, and at the same time maybe teach a fine lesson of responsibility when it comes to tidying up their messes and keeping a clean room. So, the big question becomes; how do you get your kids to cooperate and enjoy the wondrous joys of picking up their toys? Well, if they are anything like my kids they love “Mini Missions” as we like to call it. Once they hear those words, they perk right up and stand up tall like little soldiers awaiting their orders.

Tip One:

Create a Mission Board
Each Mission Board should be unique to each child. You could use a picture of them to make it more personalized. You could even have them write their name at the top of their board so they feel more involved in the process. According to your child’s individual goals you can set their mission to what you are trying to have them accomplish. Once they have completed their first mission (whatever it may have been), they can move a “Star” to that mission to mark it done. Once they have received 5 Stars for the week they can receive a reward of their choice. Sounds fun right!

So, use this opportunity to get creative and make those Mission Boards. ��

Tip Two:

Relay Race
Nothing spells team work then a good old’ fashioned Relay Tag Race. I know how it sounds, (maybe a little unconventional) but trust me, team work makes the dream work. This can be a fun and creative way to get your kids to work together and use team building skills that could help them later in life. To put this practice to work set tagging points, one child at the end of the toy mess and the other at the toy bin. The First child picks up one or two toys (depending on how silly they want to be) and hands it off to their sibling who is waiting to put it away where it belongs. This should not only get them to clean up, but has them entertained at the same time. Which is always a bonus ��

Tip Three:

Check Lists
Building check list’s for your children is a great way to help them stay organized and accountable for their chores and responsibilities. It can also help them visually see what they need to do and will help them stay on track each day. It will help them stay focused and be better prepared for when school work starts to roll around.

Once they have completed their check lists, they can get can receive a reward of your choice. Getting your kids to clean up their toys, [check] Mom for The Win. ShowerMan would like to add that keeping a clean room and tidying up after yourself is very important and helps Mom and Dad around the house.Being Healthy and Clean is not just about keeping a healthy mouth, and clean hands away from Dirt and Germs. Staying Healthy and Clean also means to pick up after yourself after play time, or throwing away your waste in the trash. This will help keep Mother Nature and the Earth happy and healthy too. You don’t want Master Mold to pay you a visit, he’s radioactive ya know!

We’re Healthy, We’re Clean, We are a Grime Fighting Team!