How Important Is Hygiene To You?

For many families, health and hygiene are top priorities. For others, it tends to come second to things like; arriving to school on time, being on time for work, and snuggling into bed by that 9:00 bed time. Studies show that the average person spends less than 10 seconds washing their hands each time they do so. Some believe its because the world is moving fast, and people tend to be busier on a daily basis, but the real causes of the hygiene issues are associated with the lack of knowledge about the correct practices. Consistent bedtime and school time hygiene practices for your kids help them become better students. By regularly using hand sanitizer and washing their hands, children are able to be physically present in school rather than being at home sick with a runny nose or the stomach flu. Do what’s best for both you and your family and become educated about healthy hygiene practices and lifestyles.

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