Meet the Mascots: ShowerMan, Icky and Sticky, and Dr. Dirt!

Our Characters…

Each member of the ShowerMan Entourage withholds a unique and relatable trait that sets him or her aside from the other characters. To maximize the personal interaction of the children and the characters, we decided to construct life sized mascots of certain characters that we felt made the biggest impact on the children.


The two characters that have seemingly impacted children the most are the characters “Icky and Sticky”. These characters represent two lost germs that are stuck together, unable to leave one others side. Sticky rests atop of Icky’s head but he tends to move around quite a bit. These combined characters do not realize they are germs, which results in lots of confusion, and allows them to be easily swayed.


The next two characters that have impacted the children the most are both ShowerMan and Dr. Dirt. Their two polar opposite personalities clash and


create a fun, creative and constructive environment to teach and promote positive behavior. These characters are so relatable that the kids can’t help but to see and hear more. Below are pictures of the “work-in-progress”, “pre-production”molds of the mascots. The ShowerMan and Dr. Dirt mascots are set for completion within the last week of August; just in time for our September 10th event at Marlboro Day.

ShowerMan is a character that represents “all that is good and clean in the world”, from health and hygiene to honesty and integrity.


He makes his trip to planet Earth after being called upon by Mother Nature. She noticed the menacing Dr. Dirt and his companions Master Mold, Icky and Sticky taking over their hometown of Skylar City. They were conjuring plans and methods to hypnotize all of the children of Skylar City to “eat dinner without washing their hands, and even cough without covering their mouths”. These unhygienic practices are unacceptable in the eyes of ShowerMan, but especially the parents of the children of Skylar City. The overall story line consists ShowerMan and his team attempting to stop Dr. Dirt and Master Mold from committing “world germination” while taking their apparent minions (Icky and Sticky) around for the ride.

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