Introducing… The Adventures of ShowerMan

Have you heard of the latest superhero coming to life near you? His name is ShowerMan; he represents, “all that is good and clean in the world.” The ShowerMan character was created to promote an environment filled with enjoyment and fun, while being clean and healthy. The creators were inspired to produce a role model to encourage children to maintain great personal hygiene, show respect to their peers, as well as supporting anti-bullying efforts. The characters within the ‘The Adventures of ShowerMan’ storyline all withhold characteristics that promote healthy habits. With that being said, these spectacular characters with colorful personalities have the ability to become a household name when it comes to teaching your children that it is FUN to be healthy and its is FUN to be clean.

If you would like to meet and take pictures with the fun and loving characters, you can find us at Marlboro Day on September 10th in mascot form! Once again, check out the rest of our website to become educated about what ‘The Adventures of ShowerMan’ has to offer for both you and your family!

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